The “Fragments” monoprint (one of a kind impression) series is a combination of two different projects. The circles and rings were originally part of a color study series inspired by a traditional color wheel. The minimal shapes reveal the possibilities in printing one color over another. The concentric spirals were part of a series that focused on graphics generated using a harmonograph drawing apparatus. This tool employs pendulums to create a geometric image as it swings and loses momentum. The drawings were then carved onto wood to make the impressions. When I make a series of prints I always save the incomplete impressions, extras, misprints and the ones I’m not as interested in at that moment. Eventually, the prints emerge from the flat files and get combined with a current project. In this case, I printed the spirals over the rings and circles and then cut the prints down to create dramatic compositions. Hence the term “Fragments” By overlapping all the shapes, changing colors and printing order I could generate moiré effects and unexpected optical results.